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Testing a new editing experience with Gutenberg

With the upcoming official release of Gutenberg, a call was put out to all Automattic designers to test and review the experience. Gutenberg is a plugin that changes the page and post editing experience of WordPress […]

Testing Gutenberg: An Empathy Challenge

Like so many of my colleagues, I thought I’d test Gutenberg by answering the call to an empathy challenge. We were asked to recreate an existing post with the new Gutenberg plugin (soon to be […]

Paying my way to success: a follow-up

You might remember last month when I wrote about paying for site views. That post was in response to a prompt from our Head of Design, John Maeda, to write about how a blogger could […]

Growing An Online Presence: Strategies For More Page Views

You’ve decided to create a blog/website and have gotten fairly decent at publishing content on a regular basis. Congratulations! Like getting into a gym routine that lasts past January, this can actually prove to be […]

My plan to build an audience

Blogging isn’t easy, and doing it regularly is hard. I know this because it’s something I’ve struggled with for years (as evidenced by the very sparse archives on my personal site). Even if you post […]

Do you want page views or readers?

Type “get more blog traffic” into Google and you’ll get about 70,000,000 results. The results read like snake oil peddlers trying to one-up each other at a state fair. “Increase Blog Traffic NOW!”, “25 Tactics […]

Growing my Personal Blog

Full disclosure – I have never successfully or intentionally grown a blog. Most of my suggestions are speculation until proven. My personal blog has been more of a personal portfolio and a collection of thoughts […]

It’s not about the page views

“When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.” ~Kurt Vonnegut Let’s face it: Blogging is hard. Writing — not to mention writing well — is challenging for […]

The Good Kind of Traffic

There are two kinds of traffic, good traffic and bad traffic. As a California resident I spend a non-trivial amount of time finding ways to avoid bad traffic. Good traffic on the other hand is […]