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Getting more views

The Internet is a vast world. WordPress.com users alone produce about 86.5 million new posts viewed by more than 409 million people each month. With so much competition, standing out from the crowd is no […]

The shortcut for getting 1000 views

For this installation of the Automattic Design blog post, we are doing something different. As an empathy challenge, we are tasked to think about a common question our customers face, “How do I get more […]

Can you succeed in blogging without really trying?

As it is probably apparent by glancing through this blog, the designers at Automattic were given a user empathy challenge. Our task was to pick one of our fellow designers’ blog posts and come up […]

How can I get visitors?

All right, I’ve just published a post on my brand new, pretty much completely unknown blog, and I want to get some visits. A thousand would be great. Why not? I’ve worked a bunch of […]

How to get more eyeballs.

The commoditization of eyeballs — bought and sold with every click and tap — has brought us into a new era of the internet. Its no longer a hippy haven of happiness. Its about money. And more page views (eyeballs) means more money. Get more views, get more subscribers, get more followers — and then (somehow) you can turn their eyeballs into money. But, how do you get more eyeballs?

How to achieve overnight success

The designers at Automattic were given a challenge: to pick a colleague’s post and outline a plan for it to get 1,000+ page views with only a $20 budget. Several years ago, I blogged a […]

I still don't really know how to get website traffic

Despite having three whole months, I managed to put off finalizing this quarter’s blog post until the last minute. The topic? Pick a colleague’s post, and explain why you chose that one. Outline a plan […]


Goal: Get 1000 page views on a blog post with $20 to spend I have several hypothesis to achieve this goal. I think the cumulative effect of most can be measured independently in order to […]

Marina Pape

How to grow the reach of Ashley’s post with a sticky highlight How to grow an audience is quite literally a million dollar question. Where there is a gathered audience, there is a group one […]