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Building relationships can help build page views

In an effort to empathize with our customers, we at Automattic attempt to tackle real world problems that our customers face in their journey toward success. The problem I’m looking at today is how to […]

"How can I get more views to my blog?"

At work, we were recently asked to examine a common problem among bloggers of all types: how to get more views. As someone who has been blogging since before it was called “blogging”, web traffic […]

Shooting for the stars – falling back to Earth

Over the last couple of years I’ve watched a good friend of mine develop a keen interest in astronomy. He’s purchased numerous telescopes and other gadgets that have enabled him to produce some impressive amateur […]

An Experiment to Gain 1,000 Page Views

As a few posts have mentioned already, the empathy challenge presented by John Maeda this month has asked us to: Speak about how to grow an audience for an existing blog post with the following […]

I’m just starting! What’s the first step to more page views?

It’s an exciting journey to have a project going. Maybe it’s a side passion, maybe it’s a desire to do something for others, maybe it’s a business blossoming… when it gets online it always reaches […]

What comes first? The audience, or the views?

The goal of WordPress, from the very start, has been to democratize publishing: to give anyone the freedom to have their voice on the web. But what is a voice without an audience? If a […]

Paying my way to success

Some changes are coming to the Automatic design blogs. Previously, we were tasked with writing an article each month on a topic of our choice. However, we’re now moving to quarterly posts. For our next […]