The 3rd Bucket

Earlier this year @fditrapani shared a video with @johnmaeda where David Lennie from Shopify spoke about the small business owner having two buckets, one for time, and the other for money: John shared this saying: “It […]

Moving Past Creation

As folks who design and build website creation tools, we tend to be very focused on just that: Creation. The birthing of the shiny new website that we know will help our customers achieve all […]

Building Websites with Passion for Our Customers

When I was in my early teens, I started using a tool called ResEdit to customize the splash screens of applications on my computer. I opened the original splash screen image files in GraphicConverter, added some […]

Innovation isn’t disruption, it’s thoughtful evolution

Innovation done right is about understanding the soul of a thing — an object, a process, a piece of software. Furthermore, it is about using new technologies, contexts, or approaches to more effectively express that soul.

It’s about time

“You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.” Pink Floyd When I was in school and later studying part-time at college, I founded several small online businesses. There was […]

A Bicycle for the Business

Recently, our product team conducted a research on small business owners who happen to be a significant part of the customer base. In the report, there was one thing that stuck with me so clearly I […]

When your business is a burden

The design team recently completed a customer research study with small business owners. Reading through the report, this line stood out to me: All business owners expressed some element of feeling like an imposter […]

A website is a means to an end

Small business owners are not website focused. They require an approach that recognizes their entire business and context. The quote above was a highlight from a recent customer survey conducted by Automattic – it seems […]