Getting more views

The Internet is a vast world. users alone produce about 86.5 million new posts viewed by more than 409 million people each month. With so much competition, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat.

To put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, this month, we were given the challenge of outlining a plan for driving 1,000+ views to an article previously posted by a colleague on this blog. The budget, twenty imaginary dollars.

Lately, Gutenberg, the upcoming WordPress editor, has been on my mind a lot. While searching for a blog post suitable for this experiment, I stumbled upon Ian Stewart’s blog post titled “Why I’m so excited about the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress”, and decided this would have to be my pick.

The current editor, TinyMCE, has been part of the WordPress since version 2.0. That was more than 12 years ago. As you can imagine, the thought of replacing something that has been in use for such a long time wasn’t well received by all the WordPress community. Ian’s post is the complete opposite, and he describes his excitement for what is coming next.

The nature of the topic made me think of a very effective way of spending my imaginary budget – WordCamps and WordPress meetups. These locally organised events are usually put together by members of the WordPress community. WordCamp ticket prices rarely exceed $20, and meetups are often free.

WordCamps are a great place to learn and share knowledge. You’ll find a diverse crowd of not just developers involved in the project, but also designers, publishers, business owners, and other WordPress enthusiasts just like you.

Although the focus of this post is on WordPress, there are many other communities that cover a wide range of topics. Sites like make this job a lot easier, aggregating communities all around the world.

Interested in WordCamps? Check the calendar here.

Get yourself out there and share what you’ve been working on with others. 🙂


By Tiago Noronha

Web Designer, Developer and Computer Geek from Coimbra, Portugal. I work for Automattic.