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Taking Gutenberg for a spin

Full disclosure: I’ve been using Gutenberg a bit with my work on the WordPress.com Theme Team, but I haven’t used it in this particular way. Yesterday I would have told you that I knew my […]

Test Driving the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Hey there! have you heard? A new editing experience is on it’s way to WordPress. It’s called Gutenberg. In an attempt to build empathy for humans on the other side of the screen, many of […]

Kicking the Tires of Gutenberg

For this edition of our empathy blogging, designers at Automattic were challenged to recreate a Longreads article using the Gutenberg plugin. According to Netflix I have a thing for British drama and strong female leads […]

Testing on the train

I went a bit off-script for my empathy challenge. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to build small businesses sites using WordPress, so I tried to replicate a pattern I see […]

Using Gutenberg for the Very First Time

As a part of our empathy challenge, designers at Automattic were tasked with recreating an existing article using Gutenberg, WordPress’ upcoming editor. Most of us took the challenge, and so did I.

My Gutenberg Empathy Challenge

This quarter we were asked to recreate a Longreads article using Gutenberg. For the past couple of months I’ve been co-developing the WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block, so by now I feel like I’m pretty familiar […]

Testing a new editing experience with Gutenberg

With the upcoming official release of Gutenberg, a call was put out to all Automattic designers to test and review the experience. Gutenberg is a plugin that changes the page and post editing experience of WordPress […]

Unboxing Gutenberg for WordPress

There has been a lot of excitement building in the WordPress community about a plugin called Gutenberg. The plugin offers a new publishing experience that promises to transform the way people create content and build […]

Gutenberg for WordPress Usability Walkthrough by Jeff Golenski

Fresh look into Gutenberg for WordPress. A usability walkthrough

Although I’ve seen Gutenberg in action on the big screen, up until now, I haven’t really tried to use it to create content or layout. This 53 minute long walkthrough is my first real in-depth attempt at utilizing Gutenberg to create a blog post.