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Taking the Gutenberg challenge

Gutenberg editor plugin is under rapid development, and each release brings new, exciting features. One of the easiest ways anyone can contribute to the project, is by using Gutenberg, and giving feedback on your experience. […]

Taking Gutenberg for a Spin

As part of our quarterly empathy challenge, I attempted to recreate this Longreads post, “Hey, Can I Sleep In Your Room?”: Studying Love with Elizabeth Flock. Beyond copying and pasting the article itself, I attempted […]

Reproducing a Discover feature in Gutenberg

Gutenberg is rapidly getting better and better. I’ve been digging into its relationship to themes, and have been experimenting with its role in content as well. In that vein, I took on a Gutenberg challenge […]

The little copy machine test: reproducing a structured article with Gutenberg 2.3

Gutenberg, the new WordPress editing experience is coming soon. While a lot of work is happening from every perspective — design, development, testing, plugins, etc — it’s always worth to do a test run ourselves […]

Recreating “Here at the End of All Things” in Gutenberg

It’s that time again — another Empathy Challenge at Automattic! This edition’s challenge is to replicate a post to the best of our abilities in Gutenberg, the new editor coming to WordPress later this year. […]

Why I’m so excited about the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

The other day a friend of mine at Automattic shared the following. So I bought this theme for my personal website and I wanted to make it look nice before I activate it, of course, […]

Lessons Learned Teaching Usability Testing with Gutenberg

As you might have read in previous flow posts, last week ended Automattic’s 8th annual Grand Meetup, where 600+ of us made our way up to Whistler, Canada for a week packed full of conversations, […]

Receiving the Baton

Not every project you join at the start. I recently was passed the baton to become the new design lead of the WordPress editor focus. The current lead, Joen Asmussen is taking some time off […]

Passing the Baton

On or around the 21st of August, my family and I will welcome a baby boy, officially making me the luckiest man in the world. That also means I’ll be taking off from work for […]