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Design wrangler at Automattic. I believe in gravity, the moon-landing and well-mixed white russians.

How To: Good UI Demo Videos

Whether it’s for demoing an existing feature, recording a “how-to”, or for a product launch, the quality of the demo video you record matters.

Figma for Sketch users

You may have heard of Figma recently. It’s a web-app (with a hybrid-native version) that aims to solve the same problem Sketch solves: make it easy and fast to design and prototype software. When two […]


In recent months, we’ve done a fair amount of research on small business owners, and how a website can help them find their presence on the web. As I paged through some of the results […]


The best design is invisible. It is functional to the point that you forget how it works, you just use it. You might even forget it took effort to invent once upon a time. For […]

Gutenberg April Empathy Challenge

“Gutenberg” is the codename for a project to bring a brand new editor to WordPress; an editor that makes it easy to create rich layouts without having to know code. Because usage is like oxygen […]

What comes first? The audience, or the views?

The goal of WordPress, from the very start, has been to democratize publishing: to give anyone the freedom to have their voice on the web. But what is a voice without an audience? If a […]

The New Block Blueprint

WordPress is set to receive a new block-based editor in the future, and I’ve spent the better part of this year working on the design. The driving force is that instead of looking at the […]

Passing the Baton

On or around the 21st of August, my family and I will welcome a baby boy, officially making me the luckiest man in the world. That also means I’ll be taking off from work for […]

Learn Something Difficult

Back in the day, I designed Flash websites. I was pretty good at it too, and it netted me a job as a Flash animator and designer at a small Copenhagen based studio. We made […]