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Help me succeed

I know I need to be writing articles. […] Do that for me. I hate writing articles. I despise it. “I despise it”  – these words from one of our customer interviews caught my eye, as they are […]

(Designing) themes for everyone

Theme designers at Automatic have a very important job — design themes, that will (potentially) be used by millions of people. But more importantly, these themes will represent our customers, or their businesses, to the […]

Taking the Gutenberg challenge

Gutenberg editor plugin is under rapid development, and each release brings new, exciting features. One of the easiest ways anyone can contribute to the project, is by using Gutenberg, and giving feedback on your experience. […]

Theme Wrangler's Toolset

One of the things I love about my job, is that it sits at an intersection of product design and front-end development. This means I get to practise both, and my job is always interesting. Although […]

Embracing web-safe fonts

Before webfonts were widely available, designers relied on a relatively small number of web-safe fonts, i.e. fonts that come pre-installed with various operating systems, and thus most likely to be present on user’s devices. As […]

From a marathon to a sprint

Developing and launching a theme on is a long, multi-step process that can take weeks, if not months in some cases. We would typically do it all alone, working in relative seclusion, sharing our […]

Fixing the theme customization experience

Have you ever used Instagram? If you did, you’re probably familiar with the filters it offers, that let you change the look and feel of a photo instantly. It’s very easy and satisfying – just […]

Reflections on theme retirements

For the past few weeks I’ve been gradually retiring themes from the showcase. Retirement may sound a bit dramatic, but it simply means a theme will be removed from our offerings, and new customers won’t […]

Evolution of a theme

On we have a showcase full of beautiful, diverse themes, but it has an ugly side as well, hidden from the public view. Behind the scenes we have Trac (our bug tracking system of […]