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“Can you hear me?” —your customer

Automattic Design recently engaged in a “deep dive” customer research project to understand the psychology of small business owners. The underlying reason behind making this work happen has been our knowledge that roughly half the […]

Partners over Vendors

Recently, the design team spoke to 34 small business owners across the United States as part of a research project. The data gathered was vast, and incredibly insightful, but one thing has been sticking in […]

Putting all of the pieces together

For many small business owners, building a web presence is like trying to build a puzzle without knowing what the end result looks like. You can see how a few pieces fit together, but it’s […]

The Most Important Five Minutes

As someone who spent several years squarely in the Engaged DIY-er camp working hard on my side hustle, I should know them. But I’m starting to realize something that never really fully clicked for me […]

“Am I Doing This Right?”

As a former freelancer I would have been considered a small business owner at one point. I was managing all aspects of the business which operated under my name. There were definitely some areas that […]

The best eCommerce software is invisible

The Best eCommerce Software is Invisible

I’ve worked in the WooCommerce marketing team for four years. In the past six months I finally got around to building a store for a social enterprise I’m involved in. Sure, I’d tinkered in test sites, […]

Challenging our Empathetic Assumptions

Earlier this summer, the Dotcom Design team performed a quantitative segmentation study on a collection of small business to gain a better understanding of their needs and expectations as it relates to having a web […]

Of Failure, Learning, and Relationships

This past May, the design team set out to undertake the largest research study that the company had ever done. We spoke to 34 small business owners across the United States over the course […]

Finding a Product’s Place

Some of my colleagues recently embarked on a journey to better understand our customers’ perspectives and what is most important to them and their businesses. While reading about their learnings, I wrote down some things […]