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June 2017 Digest

Creative Leadership: Critical Thinking Brie Anne Demkiw (#) “Kill Your Darlings” Rick Banister (#) “Remote Leadership” David A. Kennedy (#) “How to Know When to Walk Away from a Project” Tammie Lister (#) “Designing contributions” […]

June 2017 Digest

Creating New Paths: Imagination and Execution Kjell Reigstad (#) “The ‘Smashing Things Together’ Approach to Editorial Illustration” Ashley vonClausberg (#) “Using Stock Photography to Elevate Small Campaigns” Designing Inclusively: The Vital Frontier Joan Rho (#) […]

Should designers API?

There’s plenty of discussions on the internet about whether or not designers should code, but what about API’s? Hear me out. I’m going to tell you about a project I’m working on and how I […]

Remote Leadership

I believe remote work is the future. I’ve been working as a designer for Automattic for three years and I worked from home half time the two years prior. Before that I did freelance work […]

The Art of Shipping and Fulfillment

Over the last 3 months, we’ve been thinking a lot about shipping and fulfillment on the WooCommerce team. When the thought of shipping comes to mind for most people, it usually goes something like this […]

Teaching robots to steal my job

Have you heard about the robot revolution? According to the internet, it’s coming, and it’s coming for your job. As “creative” types, we often feel that we’re sheltered from automation. Sure, a robot can beat […]

Don't forget the emails

Have you ever signed up for a new site or product, forgotten about it, only to remember later when you check your inbox and see the welcome email? What if that email looked nothing like […]

Designing icons for Gridicons

Gridicons is our open source icon set for No one works on it full-time, but it’s a passion project for a handful of designers at Automattic. Icon design is a nice break from regular […]

La personalización como feedback

Would you like to read this post in English? Google Translate does a pretty good job translating it! Automattic es conocida por sus productos más visibles:, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Simplenote… Herramientas utilizadas por millones de usuarios, […]