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A Design System Approach to Improving Usability through Color

Like many other companies with expansive digital products, Automattic (makers of has recently dedicated a significant amount of energy into creating a design language system that we call Muriel. This new design system is […]

I need a website, and I need it yesterday

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my dentist. Like most dentists I’ve been to, it’s a small operation — basically just one dentist and a couple of assistants. They’re not necessarily interested in marketing […]

Building trust with notifications

When we launched the redesign of notifications a few years ago, it was one of the only features developed in tandem with all platforms. Although this exact principle wasn’t stated during development, the core values […]

Gutenberg Test Drive

I spent 30 minutes trying to re-create a Buzzfeed post in order to test drive the Gutenberg editor (v 2.5). Here is a video of the process: Stumbling blocks It appears that .webp images are […]

Designing mobile native first

One design technique that I’ve heard casually mentioned here at Automattic is to design the product or feature you’re working on “native first”, or better yet, “mobile native first“. Mobile has been a priority at […]

Designing icons for Gridicons

Gridicons is our open source icon set for No one works on it full-time, but it’s a passion project for a handful of designers at Automattic. Icon design is a nice break from regular […]