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I’m an artist, a hacker, a beat-maker and an entrepreneur and I’m in love with constantly getting better at building and creating things. Usually, I’m somewhere design/developing WordPress themes or making beats.

Challenging our Empathetic Assumptions

Earlier this summer, the Dotcom Design team performed a quantitative segmentation study on a collection of small business to gain a better understanding of their needs and expectations as it relates to having a web […]

Trust is Consistency over Time

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of people who use websites for all kinds of different things — fashion blogs, online portfolios, e-commerce stores, etc. Regardless of the type or purpose, there’s one […]

Empathetically Challenging Gutenberg

For this challenge I dug up an interesting article from Longreads called “Welcome to the Center of the Universe” and tried to recreate it using our Gutenberg plugin. Here’s a screen capture of how it […]

Don’t Forget to Eat Your Accessibilitables!

Earlier this year I designed and developed a new free theme for WordPress called TextBook. It is intended to be used by people and organizations who have a focus on education. After launching a new […]

Capturing Your Ideas

There’s nothing in the world like having one of those elusive “ah-ha!” moments, when that great idea lightbulb appears right above your head. It’s like you struck gold but the fleeting nature of any idea […]

A Padding Pet Peeve

One thing that I commonly see on websites that really gets under my skin is links that don’t have a enough padding to making them reasonably clickable. Here’s an example of what I mean: In […]

Mobile design or the lack thereof

Before the era of WordPress there was a time when Macromedia Flash was the industry-leading web design solution. Today, that sounds like madness but back then, the world of Flash offered design possibilities that were […]

Designing for Speed: WordPress + AMP

Speed is extremely important on the web these days, largely because mobile devices are becoming (and in some cases already are) the primary entry point for websites. This will increase in the future. With that […]