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Web designer, front-end developer, coffee lover, Theme Wrangler at Automattic.

Another task in a long list of many

Websites are important to me. Not only because they’re how I make a living — though that’s a major factor! But they’re also an invaluable tool for me when I’m faced with tackling the unknown. […]

Unexpected uses

One of the first themes I launched on was Toujours. It was designed as a wedding theme, and included features like a Guestbook template, a slideshow, and special styles to highlight the three most […]

Gutenberg, Longreads, and Climate Change in Cities

Like my fellow designers at Automattic, this quarter I spent some time trying to recreate a Longreads story using Gutenberg, the new block-based editor for WordPress. I’ve already had some experience with Gutenberg, but primarily […]

I still don't really know how to get website traffic

Despite having three whole months, I managed to put off finalizing this quarter’s blog post until the last minute. The topic? Pick a colleague’s post, and explain why you chose that one. Outline a plan […]

Styling Radcliffe 2

Yesterday, the theme team launched our first collaborative theme, Radcliffe 2. This theme was a refresh of an existing theme by Anders Norén. Ola Bodera wrote a great summary of our typical theme refresh process. […]

Many Hands

The theme team at Automattic handles much more than just building themes, and we work collaboratively on many projects. However, when creating themes for — designing and developing new themes, or converting an existing […]

Balancing Options vs. Overload

On, one thing we’ve been focusing on is making themes that just work. It’s a bit of a balancing act; it’s very tempting to allow customers to control every aspect of their theme, because […]

Consistency isn't just good for users; it's good for us, too

As a Theme Wrangler, I’m a member of the team here at Automattic that builds, maintains and reviews the themes on Right now we have over 380 themes available for folks to pick from.