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Creative Technologist on Design team at Automattic.

Partners over Vendors

Recently, the design team spoke to 34 small business owners across the United States as part of a research project. The data gathered was vast, and incredibly insightful, but one thing has been sticking in […]

African Design

Africa! A continent of mystery, magic, and a mix of cultures and people so diverse that very few outside of it manage to understand, let alone describe it. I was born and live at the southern […]

Growing my Personal Blog

Full disclosure – I have never successfully or intentionally grown a blog. Most of my suggestions are speculation until proven. My personal blog has been more of a personal portfolio and a collection of thoughts […]

Sentinel Values

Last week I put the finishing touches on an update to one of our free themes on, Independent Publisher 2, and I thought that everything was working as they should after my changes. I […]

On Digital Readiness defines being ready as, completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action or use Something I enjoy doing on weekends, is visiting coffee shops (without my laptop) and having conversations with people. I […]

Improving Maintenance Workflow

For as long as I’ve been a part of a WordPress-centric company, I’ve had to maintain a large catalogue of products. Keeping track of bugs to fix and enhancements to build has been a challenge, […]

Guitar Effects and Themes

A long time ago in a theme shop far far away, well, not so far away….a few kilometers in fact from where I work out of now (home), I used to work on themes that […]