Partners over Vendors

Recently, the design team spoke to 34 small business owners across the United States as part of a research project. The data gathered was vast, and incredibly insightful, but one thing has been sticking in my head after reading the results;

Small business owners want partners more than vendors

This goes to a fundamental part of the small business owners experience – building relationships with people and with service providers, (hopefully) built on trust.

One of our Design Principles at Automattic is Trust, and the challenge here, I think, is how do we continue to build a platform that small business owners trust, but also one that makes them feel like we are walking the journey alongside them, rather than simply giving them a product.

Something I really liked about the above statement  – “Partners over Vendors” – is that when a partnership is mutually beneficial, it results in shared profits and benefits for both parties.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

By Jeffikus

Team Lead for Theme Development at Automattic. We build themes for and