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Money and tech

From optimistically conceived origins and message statements about making the world a better place, too many websites and startups have become the leading edge of bias and trauma, especially for marginalized and at-risk groups.

How have so many of our digital services and social networks become a garbage fire of lies, distortions, hate speech, tribalism, snake oil, and privacy violations?

The Sound of Trust

Since the 1930s, many have tried to design a solid-body electric guitar. It was Leo Fender in 1950 and his iconic Telecaster that revolutionized the guitar manufacturing industry and propelled popular music into a completely […]

When design is not about you

If I were to tell you that people couldn’t wait to stop using your product, how would you react? We may assume that there is something fundamentally broken with the product, a problem which must […]

Follow the mustard line..

And no, we weren’t on the yellow brick road! Last week my son broke his arm and this prompted our first visit to the local hospital in a new country (we moved countries about 6 […]

How to Serve the Millions

Consistency makes us feel secure, safe, and confident in our choices. Consistency is one of the main principles in life, in business, and of course – in design. What is a consistent design? In short, […]

Trust is Consistency over Time

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of people who use websites for all kinds of different things — fashion blogs, online portfolios, e-commerce stores, etc. Regardless of the type or purpose, there’s one […]

When less is more

Simplicity builds trust. At Automattic we’ve been working through some overarching design principles to help guide our work. One of these core principles is that “simplicity builds trust.” Basically, the idea that the more straightforward […]

Broken trust

Within a year or two of joining Automattic, I was part of a small team that was tasked to design and build an improved way of writing posts and pages on The deadline was […]

Trust Funnels

Consistency builds trust. Speed builds trust. Simplicity builds trust. —Automattic Design Principle Lately, my focus has been revolving around landing pages and landing page systems. So while I was going through our design principles the […]