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It’s about time

“You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.” Pink Floyd When I was in school and later studying part-time at college, I founded several small online businesses. There was […]

In the business of building trust

2000. The millennium. Roger Federer is yet to grace the grass courts of Wimbledon. Wembley Stadium is due to host it’s final F.A Cup match before being rebuilt. Harry Potter is still a read-only experience. […]

Recreating “Are The Teens All Right?” in Gutenberg

In this post I document my experience recreating the Longreads article “Are The Teens All Right?” by Danielle Tcholakian in the Gutenberg editor. In fact I tried to recreate the entire web page, including the […]

Shooting for the stars – falling back to Earth

Over the last couple of years I’ve watched a good friend of mine develop a keen interest in astronomy. He’s purchased numerous telescopes and other gadgets that have enabled him to produce some impressive amateur […]

The risk of homogeny when following positive trends in design

Trends constantly come and go in visual design. Some explode on to the scene and see mass adoption only to fade into obscurity as quickly as they arrived – remember burning text gifs? Others are […]

Time in design

While pondering a topic for this post I habitually glance down at my wristwatch and decide that it might be a suitable inspiration. I rapidly mind-map a potential overlap between horology and software design / […]

Imagining product authoring with WooCommerce and Gutenberg

Alongside the Customizer and the REST API, the other key focus for WordPress in 2017 is improving the tool we use on a daily basis to craft our content – the editor. Content creators are […]

Designing products for efficiency

Understanding users is of paramount importance, that is clear to any product designer. But sometimes creating an accurate persona to test against can be tricky. Sometimes it might even be impossible. In these situations it’s […]