The end of 2018 saw our very first “all-distributed” holiday party to help us close out an exciting year working together across all-timezones and working all-remote.

We also rang in our first year of the Automattic Design Award as led by Jury Chair Alexis Lloyd:

A little earlier in the year we experimented with adhoc collaboration across the remote and on-prem worlds.

Our IRL/NIRL collab with Google Design

We formulated our three design principles:

  1. We make things for people to use, not for the sake of making things.
  2. If we’re not inclusive, we haven’t built a good product (or a good company).
  3. Hypotheses are great. Hypotheses plus data are better. And hypotheses plus data plus iteration is best.

Our Design Ops team got going with Alison Rand joining us earlier in the year.

And we all wonder what will 2019 bring us? Let’s see what happens! —JM

The world needs more you.

2019 Commemorative Graphic by Automattic Designer Eriko Kawakami

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