Three Design Principles at Automattic Design

We like to iterate at Automattic, and we had the perfect opportunity to do so IRL at our latest all-company gathering, a.k.a. Grand Meetup.

So as we enter into 2019, this is the latest version of our guiding Design Principles reduced from four to three.

  1. We make things for people to use, not for the sake of making things.
  2. If we’re not inclusive, we haven’t built a good product (or a good company).
  3. Hypotheses are great. Hypotheses plus data are better. And hypotheses plus data plus iteration is best.

Special thanks to our Head of Design Ops Alison Rand for wrangling these into condensed form, and to our Chief Semicolon Advocate Michelle Weber.

Good design is inclusive design.

via the Automattic Inclusive Design Checklist

By John Maeda

I'm a learner. By training.