Automattic Design

We are a truly global design team with designers in 23 countries, speaking 25 different languages, across 8 teams, and numerous squads. Our designers work on projects that range from product design, to UX, to brand design, marketing campaigns, themes, and custom site design. See more of our projects.

Design Meetup, Vienna 2023. Music produced by Allmos.

We are a fully distributed team, pioneering remote design practices, while prioritizing work-life balance. We don’t prescribe any one way of working so that everyone can choose what works best for them. Want to work with us? Check out our Jobs page, and apply here.

Music produced by Allmos.

At Automattic, we believe communication is oxygen. We practice this everyday with our internal communications, and we also love to share with the design community right here on our blog. Check out these blog posts that reveal what it’s like to be part of the Automattic Design team.