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Don’t block the box

In order to give the new WordPress core editor Gutenberg a test drive I tried to recreate the formatting of the Longreads article A Farewell to Fuckboys in the Age of Consent Culture by Minda Honey on my own test […]

Sorry Mom

You know that classic parable about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? The shoemaker is is too busy with other work to provide for his or her own children. This is prevalent in the technology […]

Squad Goals

A few keys to distributed success Since becoming the lead of my team I’ve spent a fair bit of time helping my team members  define career growth goals and track their progress. Everyone is different […]

Listen Up

How does Automattic incorporate “listening” into its design process? Two weeks ago Automattic had its annual all-company in-person gathering in Whistler, British Columbia. I got to catch up with dozens of colleagues and meet dozens […]

Up the hill Backwards

I wrote in June about my early experience leading a remote team and the experimental tool I borrowed from behavioral economics to help foster the growth of my teammates. The ‘tool’ is a set of […]

Remote Leadership

I believe remote work is the future. I’ve been working as a designer for Automattic for three years and I worked from home half time the two years prior. Before that I did freelance work […]