Mike Shelton

Designer at Automattic, making a little better everyday.

Sharing work early and often

At Automattic, we take pride in sharing designs openly at all stages of the design process. The work on this page serves as a public snapshot of our latest work, encompassing everything from product design to UX work, branding, themes, marketing and more.


The people margin

Prior to my time at Automattic, I worked at a direct marketing firm. We were taught to mind the data. You make a change, you test it, you check the…

Find the right tools for you

Several months ago, after having just read a debate among designers about design software, I jumped on Twitter to vent a bit: Necessary things in design that don’t actually matter:…

An open source test script

Over the years of conducting user tests my team has used and iterated on our own usability test script. We’ve refined the structure and language, optimizing for objective, unbiased user…

Dear Junior Designer

In the US, summer is coming to an end, the weather is getting cooler and college students are heading back to school. I always get a bit nostalgic around this…