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Boston-based WordPress core contributor and craft beer fan. I design stuff at @automattic.

Seeking out Stories

Earlier this year, I got involved with an organization called Get Her Elected, which seeks to pair women running for office across the United States with talented, remote volunteers. I spent the year following the 2016 […]

Recreating “Here at the End of All Things” in Gutenberg

It’s that time again — another Empathy Challenge at Automattic! This edition’s challenge is to replicate a post to the best of our abilities in Gutenberg, the new editor coming to WordPress later this year. […]

Paying my way to success: a follow-up

You might remember last month when I wrote about paying for site views. That post was in response to a prompt from our Head of Design, John Maeda, to write about how a blogger could […]

Paying my way to success

Some changes are coming to the Automatic design blogs. Previously, we were tasked with writing an article each month on a topic of our choice. However, we’re now moving to quarterly posts. For our next […]

What's Coming in WordPress 4.9

As y’all might remember, I’m currently co-leading the release of WordPress 4.9. Since we’re winding down toward release, I wanted to take the opportunity to walk through some of the key features of the release. […]

Building 10 non-profit sites in 8 hours on

This past weekend, a few of my colleagues and I participated in Out in Tech‘s Digital Corps hackathon in NYC. Along with about fifty other volunteers, we worked to create websites on for ten […]

From No Code to Pro Code

I’m lucky that Automattic sponsors my time to work on the core WordPress software full-time. This allows me the time and focus to take on more leadership responsibilities in the community, including my current role […]

Back to Childhood: Blocks are the Future

Check out my previous post about the future of site building & customization in WordPress. Last month, my colleague Joen wrote a great post about blocks and the Editor Focus for WordPress in 2017. Joen […]