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🌶 Spicy topics

Recently, the design team I lead was going through a period of low morale. I noticed this through conversations in 1-1s, our team Slack channel, and most notably in our team meetings. The designers were […]

On sharing mistakes

At the end of every week, my boss asks us to write down a lesson we learned. Mine are usually due to a slip up I made. Here’s how it goes: I make a mistake, […]

Changing your own oil

I learned how to change the oil in my car before I could drive. Twenty years later, I still change it myself. Sure, I could have someone else do it in the same amount of […]

Research ain’t clickbait

The purpose isn’t to shock and awe you. You may even guess what will happen next. Or at least, you won’t be surprised. This is okay! It doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. […]

Broken trust

Within a year or two of joining Automattic, I was part of a small team that was tasked to design and build an improved way of writing posts and pages on The deadline was […]

Why doesn’t my site look like the demo?

Every year at Automattic, we put down our day-to-day work and do customer support. No matter what position you are in. We all dive in. In my past five years here, I’ve heard more than […]

How to win viewers and influence them to keep coming back

You’re a small business owner. You created a website that showcases your services, provides contact information, and of course its regularly updated via your blog. You have been posting for a few months and have […]

Twenty minutes with your customers

WooCommerce is the most popular way to run a store on WordPress. Because of the nature of WordPress, we don’t have a way to see how people are using WooCommerce like we could if we […]

Little corners

“You loved September Issue? I didn’t know you were into fashion.” I’m not. I just love hearing stories and learning about things I don’t know much about. A documentary about the making of the September […]