Kelly Hoffman

Design @ Automattic

Sharing work early and often

At Automattic, we take pride in sharing designs openly at all stages of the design process. The work on this page serves as a public snapshot of our latest work, encompassing everything from product design to UX work, branding, themes, marketing and more.


🌶 Spicy topics

Recently, the design team I lead was going through a period of low morale. I noticed this through conversations in 1-1s, our team Slack channel, and most notably in our…

Broken trust

Within a year or two of joining Automattic, I was part of a small team that was tasked to design and build an improved way of writing posts and pages…

Little corners

“You loved September Issue? I didn’t know you were into fashion.” I’m not. I just love hearing stories and learning about things I don’t know much about. A documentary about…

All together now

The WooCommerce design team is five people strong. At any given time, we have at least that many projects in development. As you may guess, this means that all designers…