Brie Anne Demkiw

Designer hiring lead @ Automattic. Work in progress. Because it's there.

Sharing work early and often

At Automattic, we take pride in sharing designs openly at all stages of the design process. The work on this page serves as a public snapshot of our latest work, encompassing everything from product design to UX work, branding, themes, marketing and more.


Being Wrong

“To err is to wander, and wandering is the way we discover the world; and, lost in thought, it is also the way we discover ourselves. Being right might be…

Hangout Life

One huge advantage of remote environments: Face time is a scarce resource. This is a good thing. It makes you treat it as a valuable resource — something you have…

The Messy Middle

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” ~Helmuth Graf von Moltke Ever been in this scenario?: A new project starts. Everyone’s excited to jump in and get started.…