Meet Dominic Comozzi and Kevin Zweerink

Meet our newest team members.

We recently welcomed two new designers to Automattic, enjoy this short interview and introduction to these talented folks.

Dominic Comozzi

What do you like best about being a designer?

Dominic: I love brainstorming with teams to solve complicated human problems. I’m at my first meetup in Toronto with the Day One Product team and inspired by everyone’s passion and creativity in helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves through the power of journaling.

What’s something you learned about yourself recently?

Dominic: I took my first solo trip to the Philippines as a volunteer teacher earlier this year. Teaching in a different country taught me that I’m more resourceful and independent than I realized. It’s also helped me feel more comfortable facing new situations and dealing with ambiguity.

Who is Dominic?

Dominic is a product designer on the Day One team, and keeps active with Spartan races, CrossFit, and yoga. Dominic loves to travel, and recently spent time in the Philippines teaching young children while experiencing his culture.
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Kevin Zweerink

What do you like best about being a designer?

Kevin: There’s no better feeling than seeing something you designed make someone’s life easier. Whether that’s a workflow, a taxonomy, a layout, or something else, it’s so rewarding to see that you’ve designed a system that works.

What’s a design trend/aspect/thing that you’re really into?

Kevin: Furniture! It’s such a rich field, with such a long history. It’s wild to imagine working in an industry with thousands of years worth of iteration on its fundamental archetypes. It’s such a pure expression of the relationship between form and function.

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is a product designer on the Newspack team, who boasts numerous hobbies. Kevin’s pastimes include making stained glass windows, cooking, home improvements, running, playing chess, and brewing beer.
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