Theme & Pattern Design Snapshots

A collection of recent work by Automattic’s Theme Design Squad.

Every two weeks, the Theme Design Squad at Automattic shares a “visual snapshots” blog post with the whole company on our P2. This post is simple: it features screenshots of all the work we’ve been doing during that time period, accompanied by a short sentence or two for context.

The posts aren’t meant to replace our usual in-depth project posts, critiques, or discussions about the work. They’re just pictures, after all. Instead, the posts are a low-barrier way to publicly surface our in-progress work, rather than hide it away in Figma. The screenshots inspire conversations, trigger connections with teams doing similar work, and also provide a great historical reference of everything we’ve been working on. If you scroll back through these posts, you’ll often see the same piece of work go through many iterations as we refine it.

Taking some inspiration from that format, I’d like to share a visual snapshot of the work our squad — Beatriz Fialho, Mel Choyce, and myself — has been up to lately.

Theme Design

The three of us have been designing a diverse collection of WordPress themes. While Quadrat (the purple theme below) is already available on, the rest of the images represent explorations that are in various stages of development and planning. We hope to get them in the hands of users soon.

Block Patterns

Block patterns allow WordPress users to add pre-designed layouts to their site with just one click. Patterns have gained a lot of traction recently, thanks to the launch of the new pattern directory. The screenshots below include patterns our team helped design and launch for that directory, and others that we’ve recently launched on

Thanks for taking a look! We hope to share additional work this way again soon.

By Kjell Reigstad

Designer in Boston. I spend my days proudly working at Automattic.