Designing a Promotional Video for Simplenote

Simplenote is Automattic’s free, open-source, note-taking app. We’ve been working hard to improve its usability and design across all platforms and wanted to promote the latest UX updates along with Simplenote’s fresh new look. An opportunity arrived in a new top-of-the-dashboard takeover ad unit on Tumblr — another member of Automattic’s family of products —which supports video. We created the Simplenote promo video to help test the new Tumblr ad unit and plug Simplenote among Tumblr’s audience.

The video itself features Simplenote, with its modern new design, doing what it does best: taking notes. The magnified UI, minimalist music, and pace of the video all underline the simplicity of the product itself.

If you’d like to try out Simplenote, visit to sign up or download.

Happy note-ing!

By Sylvester Wilmott

Mobile designer @ Automattic