Designing the Seedlet Theme

A behind-the-scenes look into the design of an Automattic theme.

The Automattic theme team recently launched a new theme called Seedlet.

Seedlet was designed to be a solid, type-driven foundation for building websites on. It is opinionated about design quality, but its design choices are subtle enough that the theme can suit a wide array of use cases. Seedlet’s built-in colors and layouts are meant to subtly hint at nature, drawing inspiration from the Smithsonian’s beautiful collection of botanical images.

The video below is a dive into the thinking that informed Seedlet’s design, along with a short introduction to some of Automattic’s theme design goals.

The Seedlet theme is available for sites on, as well as self-hosted WordPress sites. Give it a try, and be on the lookout for more themes coming in the near future!

By Kjell Reigstad

Designer in Boston. I spend my days proudly working at Automattic.