Designing An Animated Video For Automattic’s P2 Collaboration Platform

P2 is the lifeblood of Automattic’s fully-distributed work culture. P2 is not just a tool we use, it’s become something we do, each and every day; sharing, discussing, reviewing and collaborating with our teams. No interruptions, no time zone constraints. It’s the key to our communication. 

When it came time to share P2’s newest incarnation to the world, I was excited to be part of the project. But how do I show just how much P2 does? And how do I make it entertaining? That’s what I tried to do as simply and quickly as possible. It was tough — as P2 has a lot of great features. We ended up showing the core features that customers are interested in and the most visually appealing features.

V1 storyboard visuals

My copy partner, Greg Fox, and I, collaborated closely with the product team every step of the way. Of course, the whole creative process was recorded in a P2 project thread. From the initial creative direction storyboards, to the animatic videos — and the many iterations, feedback discussions a, and myriad of audio tweaks, that happened in between! The whole project story is captured in one place — it’s all transparent and open. 

We aimed to create a fun, lively UX video that gives folks a taste of how P2 can help them. Enjoy the video. And then P2 about it.

P2 sizzle video

By Ballio Chan

Creative Director - Marketing @Automattic | Creative | Brand |
Connecting the dots between design and technology.