Putting all of the pieces together

For many small business owners, building a web presence is like trying to build a puzzle without knowing what the end result looks like. You can see how a few pieces fit together, but it’s not until you start filling in the edges — building on the work you’ve already done — that it starts to make sense and come together.
Sometimes we need to be shown the big picture in order to know where we need to be. Sometimes, we _know_ what the final result looks like, but need help putting the pieces together. Other times, we just need some help getting started, putting those first few pieces together, or finding the edges and working inwards.
In the same way that a single piece doesn’t make a puzzle, there’s more to a small business’ web presence than just a web site. There are  pieces that make up social media, email marketing, SEO optimization, online advertising, and more. Our research has given us a lot of insight into small business owners: they are short on time; they want to learn more, but don’t know what they don’t know; and often feel guilty about their marketing efforts.
Instead of just offering small business owners one piece of the puzzle, and letting them figure out the rest on their own, we guide them and teach them what they need to put all of the pieces together.

By Chris Runnells

I'm a Creative Technologist for Automattic! I like outrigger canoe paddling, photography, dark chocolate, and long walks on the beach. Also Star Wars.