Long Live the King!

Content is king. Except that’s it’s often times regarded as the king of a small island located in the middle of a marshland far away from civilization. It’s a king that no one seems to have much time for, especially for those who are building their own businesses.

There’s been a lot of research lately into the world of small business owners, and for good reason. Approximately 46% of all US small businesses don’t have a website. Research indicates that small business owners exhaust their time just maintaining their business. They don’t have much left over to write content, let alone build a website.

While we, as website builders, work with the business owners to reinforce the value of their websites, we’ve iterated in ways to help alleviate the complexity around creating content.


One example of content creation alleviation is found in WordPress Core. In version 4.9.6, a Privacy Policy Page was added to adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR. WordPress knew full well that if site owners were left with the burden of writing all their own content for their privacy page, it would never get done. So the solution was to write the content for them — at least some basic content. The site owner was able to copy and paste that content into their own page and quickly meet the GDPR standards for their site.


Another example of iteration is found in some of the more recent themes. We’ve discovered that by removing features from the Customizer, we’ve reduced the burden of entry for business owners. If there’s minimal output from the theme, there’s minimal input from the site owner to get it going. Less content creation equaled more time business owners could spend in the trenches of their business.

Those of us who scour the internet for answers to questions know that content is king. But that content needs to be created by someone. We’re constantly exploring ways in which we can help business owners publish their content. Some of these ways are by educating the business owners how important content really is. Other ways are by reducing barriers and promoting content ideas through conversational UIs. Let’s keep this going, 46% of US business owners are relying on it… whether they know it or not.

Intuition is grounded in interpretation through iteration.


By Mark Uraine

I design.