Giving Gutenberg a spin

We were tasked with trying out Gutenberg. I actually half completed this task a couple of weeks back with a Longreads post but didn’t end up posting about it. So this morning I gave it another try, attempting to recreate this post on coffee.

How did it go?

It was an interesting experience, in total I spent an hour tinkering. I have very limited CSS abilities, and didn’t attempt any tweaking at all, so I was just using the blocks available, and settings I could spot. Excited to stay tuned as Gutenberg develops!


  • It would to cool to be able to highlight a couple of photos and transform them into a gallery block (with images preserved, currently doesn’t do this)
  • If I highlight a word / few words and change text, my expectation was it would change just the highlighted text — but it changed the text colour for the whole block. I was trying to change the link colour i this instance
  • I wasn’t sure how to recreate the quotes as per the original post layout. My workaround was to use two columns, but I was probably missing something.
  • I couldn’t figure out how to change the font from within the Gutenberg post editor
  • I found the copy and past experience smooth, winning!


Added here, was battling to crunch!

Side by side


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Thanks for circling back, awesome 🙂

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