Gutenberg Empathy Challenge April 2018

Here’s my Gutenberg Empathy challenge. Generally, I enjoyed the experience. I had never used Gutenburg before and I generally found it easy to discover how it works by exploring and playing with it. I have made some assumptions about what is expected from Gutenburg – for example, I would expect themes to be able to specify custom blocks for Gutenberg to use. Obviously, this isn’t currently set up on the theme I was using, but if it were things would be a lot smoother.

Here are the top three things I would change:

1. When you press + to add a block in the mobile view the choice of blocks fills the screen, but there’s no close or cancel option

2. Transforming a block – its good that there is an option to transform a block into other types of block, but the options are limited. It would be good if this could open up to give users the choice of all options.

3. It’s not possible to insert images into blocks. I get this in most cases, but I was expecting to be able to do it in a classic block. I think there are cases where inline images are valuable.

Other things that I found tricky:
– I found the interface for adding a block was tricky to discover. I know others have mentioned this, so I am sure we’ll keep iterating there
– The only way to create a shared block is to add a standard block and then convert it to shared. Once I saw the idea of shared blocks I wanted to use them more and found myself trying to add a new one directly.

There were a couple of issues that I ran into:
– I added a shared block to my post, but it never showed up.
– I added a button and centered it, but it remained left aligned.

Here’s a screencast, with audio :scream:

In summary, I found Gutenburg pretty straightforward and enjoyable to use.

By Ben Dwyer

I make things. I particularly like to make music.

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Thanks for this challenge post. When you added a block you saw no option to close, could you maybe tell me what device you were using there as I am currently not able to replicate.

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