Publishing with Gutenberg

At Automattic, we challenge ourselves to continuously use and test the products we work on. This time we are challenging ourselves to re-create a Longreads article using our new (soon to be in Core) block-based editor – Gutenberg.

The Challenge

  1. Use the latest version of Gutenberg (currently 2.5)
  2. Recreate an existing Longreads post as closely as possible
  3. Stay within 2 hours

For my test, I chose Welcome to the Center of the Universe by Shannon Stirone.

The Outcome

It took me about 22 minutes to set up the new post using Gutenberg. While copy/paste was surprisingly efficient and smooth, the editor lacked additional typography formatting options to get the results I wanted.

Here are some things I wish worked better:

  • Theme imposed limitations on styling and layout. I wish I could see all editing/formatting tools even if they are inactive for my current theme.
  • Better visual cues where one block ends and another begins.
  • Not clear how to insert a new block between existing two already created.
  • Text formatting tools like line-height, letter-spacing, paragraph padding (all sides), selective words color (same for links)
  • More styles and customization options for the line separator
  • Photo caption editing options

Below screencast video is to show how things went for me:


Overall, it was a good experience with a lot of potential and flexibility! #Gutenberg

By Andrei Slobtsov

Design Director @Automattic


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