Creating New Paths: Imagination and Execution

  • Kjell Reigstad (#) “The ‘Smashing Things Together’ Approach to Editorial Illustration”
  • Ashley vonClausberg (#) “Using Stock Photography to Elevate Small Campaigns”

Designing Inclusively: The Vital Frontier

  • Joan Rho (#) “Democratizing Identity”
  • Marina Pape (#) “Inclusive Marketing”

Designing Computationally: The New Frontier

  • Gareth Allison (#) “Same same, but different”
  • Allan Cole (#) “Designing for Speed: WordPress + AMP”

Branding: The Nature of Authenticity

  • Adam Becker (#) “Uncovering pillars”

Critical Making: Craft and Discovery

  • Cristel Rossignol (#) “Swag pour WordCamp Europe: Rรฉussite dโ€™un travail dโ€™รฉquipe ร  distance!”
  • Jan Cavan Boulas (#) “WordCamp Europe 2017 Postcard Design”

Capturing Life: Motion, Animation, Events

  • Ballio Chan (#) “Creative Campaign for Detroit Small Businesses”
  • Scott Evans (#) “Camp Contributions”

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