Cristel Rossignol

Marketing Designer at Automattic

Sharing work early and often

At Automattic, we take pride in sharing designs openly at all stages of the design process. The work on this page serves as a public snapshot of our latest work, encompassing everything from product design to UX work, branding, themes, marketing and more.


To-do list: Website

This is my 4th year spent in the world of small businesses. I just spent 2 years at Automattic, promoting as the #1 website builder for small businesses. Before…

Food for designers

The title of this post is literal and talks about food for designers – or anyone who requires brain power, sitting or standing at a desk, while staring at a…

Imperfection, Perfection

(Listen to some Reggae music while reading) 🙇🏽‍♀️ Uh oh. I made a design that’s far from perfect or trendy. That seems like a big confession to make! But I did. How…