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Marketing Designer at Automattic

To-do list: Website

This is my 4th year spent in the world of small businesses. I just spent 2 years at Automattic, promoting as the #1 website builder for small businesses. Before that, I worked at a […]

Building trust through the Rebrand Cities project

At Automattic, there’s one collaborative project which particularly helps building trust within who we are as a company, our product(s) and our customers. This project, founded by Hajj Flemings, is called Rebrand Cities and has the […]

Is $20 for 1000 views worth the investment?

Someone (;)) asked: How can I get 1000 views with a $20(US) budget Well well. If you want to get 1000 views on that article you wrote, there are multiple ways to do so which […]

How to fake calligraphy

The art of brush script calligraphy is hard! In this article, I’ll describe how to mimic it when you don’t have access to the right tools (e.g. a brush pen). You may also not master […]

Food for designers

The title of this post is literal and talks about food for designers – or anyone who requires brain power, sitting or standing at a desk, while staring at a computer screen. I hear you: […]

Imperfection, Perfection

(Listen to some Reggae music while reading) 🙇🏽‍♀️ Uh oh. I made a design that’s far from perfect or trendy. That seems like a big confession to make! But I did. How many times do you hear […]

Swag pour WordCamp Europe: Réussite d’un travail d’équipe à distance!

WordCamp Europe: Le kisoque de vente de swag Du 15 au 17 juin avait lieu l’édition 2017 du WordCamp Europe (WCEU) en France. Comme dans la plupart des WordCamps, le kiosque de vente de swag en est un […]