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Many Hands

The theme team at Automattic handles much more than just building themes, and we work collaboratively on many projects. However, when creating themes for WordPress.com — designing and developing new themes, or converting an existing […]

Themes are Mission Control

When we think of space flight, we often think of the thing that gets us there: the shuttle, module or rockets that take us out of this world. However, in the early days of space […]

Guitar Effects and Themes

A long time ago in a theme shop far far away, well, not so far away….a few kilometers in fact from where I work out of now (home), I used to work on themes that […]

Balancing Options vs. Overload

On WordPress.com, one thing we’ve been focusing on is making themes that just work. It’s a bit of a balancing act; it’s very tempting to allow customers to control every aspect of their theme, because […]

Reflections on theme retirements

For the past few weeks I’ve been gradually retiring themes from the WordPress.com showcase. Retirement may sound a bit dramatic, but it simply means a theme will be removed from our offerings, and new customers won’t […]

The Next Chapter for Themes

Every few months I read a post about how the WordPress theme business has shrunk. The authors always reach a similar conclusion. Sales have dwindled. Competition has increased. Putting food on the table, finding a […]

One Theme May Hide Another

At WordPress.com, every time we launch a new theme, we launch a demo site to go with it. As a Theme Wrangler, after spending weeks working on a new theme, we spend hours on its […]

Evolution of a theme

On WordPress.com we have a showcase full of beautiful, diverse themes, but it has an ugly side as well, hidden from the public view. Behind the scenes we have Trac (our bug tracking system of […]

Consistency isn't just good for users; it's good for us, too

As a Theme Wrangler, I’m a member of the team here at Automattic that builds, maintains and reviews the themes on WordPress.com. Right now we have over 380 themes available for folks to pick from.