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Multicolored window tiles on the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener, Canada.

Front End Design, WordPress Themes and the Future

Say goodbye to the themer. If youโ€™re not familiar with the WordPress world, that term may not mean much. But in that space, itโ€™s a role, usually with a front end design skill set, filled […]

Why creating a child theme might be a bad idea

Over the last few months, we have been refreshing a bunch of themes, the latest one being Radcliffe 2. A couple of weeks ago I was tasked to refresh an old photo blog theme on […]

What's Coming in WordPress 4.9

As y’all might remember, I’m currently co-leading the release of WordPress 4.9. Since we’re winding down toward release, I wanted to take the opportunity to walk through some of the key features of the release. […]

Staying Positive When Your Product Causes Pain

I make and think about WordPress themes all day with the WordPress.com Theme Team. They control the appearance of a WordPress website, and it’s a heck of a fun job. Most of the time. What […]

Styling Radcliffe 2

Yesterday, the theme team launched our first collaborative theme, Radcliffe 2. This theme was a refresh of an existing theme by Anders Norรฉn. Ola Bodera wrote a great summary of our typical theme refresh process. […]

An interview with a Theme Wrangler

The main task of a Theme Wrangler is to create themes for WordPress.com. Thomas Guillot tells us a bit more about himself and what he does. Hi Thomas, can you tell us about how and […]

From a marathon to a sprint

Developing and launching a theme on WordPress.com is a long, multi-step process that can take weeks, if not months in some cases. We would typically do it all alone, working in relative seclusion, sharing our […]

Fixing the theme customization experience

Have you ever used Instagram? If you did, youโ€™re probably familiar with the filters it offers, that let you change the look and feel of a photo instantly. It’s very easy and satisfying – just […]

Improving Maintenance Workflow

For as long as I’ve been a part of a WordPress-centric company, I’ve had to maintain a large catalogue of products. Keeping track of bugs to fix and enhancements to build has been a challenge, […]