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Finding inspiration in the mundane

A few years ago I hit a creative block. Now, I know this is nothing new. Whether it’s a short block specific to a project or a longer period of burnout, everyone has those times […]

An interview with a Theme Wrangler

The main task of a Theme Wrangler is to create themes for WordPress.com. Thomas Guillot tells us a bit more about himself and what he does. Hi Thomas, can you tell us about how and […]

From a marathon to a sprint

Developing and launching a theme on WordPress.com is a long, multi-step process that can take weeks, if not months in some cases. We would typically do it all alone, working in relative seclusion, sharing our […]

Organization Experiments in Progress

When I started my career in technology I thought the best thing ever was the ability to make things work, so I started learning multiple programming language and building things. I then realized people using […]

Exclusion by generalization

How often do designers struggle when presented with a new user interface? It may take us a few moments to read it, but because our cognitive muscle is so developed for these tasks it takes […]