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A more in-depth look at designers' portfolios

Just six seconds. This is what is considered the time it takes to recruiters to look at curriculum vitae. Luckily, our hiring team spends far more time evaluating the candidates we get, not just because […]

Find the right tools for you

Several months ago, after having just read a debate among designers about design software, I jumped on Twitter to vent a bit: Necessary things in design that don’t actually matter: 1. Tools and software. 2. […]

Theme Wrangler's Toolset

One of the things I love about my job, is that it sits at an intersection of product design and front-end development. This means I get to practise both, and my job is always interesting.¬†Although […]

What is in a space designer’s toolkit?

Star date -304979.5527650938. Space designers are landing on planets, exploring, meeting inhabitants and charting the resources. What do space designers carry in their backpacks? What are the essentials to get the job done that you […]

If all you have is a hammer…

The following post is a collection of tools that I use as to support my work as a digital designer at Automattic on the VIP Platform team. I tend to favour fewer tools, less software, […]