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The best eCommerce software is invisible

The Best eCommerce Software is Invisible

I’ve worked in the WooCommerce marketing team for four years. In the past six months I finally got around to building a store for a social enterprise I’m involved in. Sure, I’d tinkered in test sites, […]

Long Live the King!

Content is king. Except that’s it’s often times regarded as the king of a small island located in the middle of a marshland far away from civilization. It’s a king that no one seems to […]

The Curious Mind

“Start from curiosity. Welcome and seek out difference.” The Dotcom Design team recently completed a series of user interviews in an attempt to better understand small businesses and their needs. We heard from small business owners […]

My Gutenberg Challenge Results

For my Gutenberg empathy challenge, I sought to re-create the Longreads article: “From Ghost Town to Havana: Two Teams, Two Countries, One Game” by Rick Paulas. Here’s the screen recording of my attempt: The very first […]