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After many years, we redesigned the stats on (powered by Jetpack). The first phase of this project included a visual refresh to modernize the UI and add a few new features such as 7-day highlights, and Year in Review.

In 2023, we’ll be continuing to advance our statistic tools, which will include the addition of more robust features to help content creators grow their sites.


Before ā†’ Now

Our stats needed to be visually balanced and needed more consistency between each data set. We also implemented more data visualization throughout each area to make things easier to scan, while still considering proper accessibility for all of our customers.

In addition, we introduced more interactivity with 7-day Highlights. Now, our creators can see trends with their visitors, views, likes, and comments on a weekly basis.

Stats in detail


Before ā†’ Now

Our Insights page got a consistent visual overhaul that also seeks to bring a little more excitement to a data heavy page. We added the Year in Review section to help folks celebrate what they’ve created, year after year.

One unique feature within Insights is the ability to visualize trends of content creation. With Posting Activity, you can keep an eye on your team’s writing habits. Bloggers can now enjoy easily visible cumulative stats on their latest and most popular posts.

Insights in detail

Curious to see more? Phase 1 of the stats redesign is live now. Create an account for free at and check it out!

By Jeff Golenski

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By Filipe Varela

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