Thoughts on Compiled CSS Files in Git

An ongoing discussion about build tools in the Underscores GitHub repository reminded me of something that seems to come up a few times of over the life span of a project. CSS preprocessors, the best […]



Designspiration from the field of play

As a marketing designer at WooCommerce, most of the work that I create lives exclusively on screens. You might logically assume, then, that a large amount of my design inspiration would come from other digital […]

Filling in the Cracks: The Road to Better Brand Perception

I was born and raised within a rural town in New England. A place where public transit is virtually nonexistent and the primary mode of transportation is via automobiles. Traveling to the nearest grocery market, […]

Reflections on theme retirements

For the past few weeks I’ve been gradually retiring themes from the showcase. Retirement may sound a bit dramatic, but it simply means a theme will be removed from our offerings, and new customers won’t […]

Sending the right message with form validation

Error messages. Those little things everyone hates to see. As designers, we like to design the best possible experience for getting users through the task at hand. But it’s our job to put as much […]

The Next Chapter for Themes

Every few months I read a post about how the WordPress theme business has shrunk. The authors always reach a similar conclusion. Sales have dwindled. Competition has increased. Putting food on the table, finding a […]

Teacakes and tablets

I’m forever trying to learn new things. It’s one of the things I love most about working on the web—there’s something new to learn every single day. This month, I’ve spent a lot of my […]

Conquering isolation on a remote design team

Every designer has experienced overlooking something along a project lifecycle. We are so focused on the task at hand that we want to keep going and fail to request feedback. In a context of remote […]