Many Hands

The theme team at Automattic handles much more than just building themes, and we work collaboratively on many projects. However, when creating themes for — designing and developing new themes, or converting an existing […]

Communicate with Silent Movies

It can be hard to describe a visual idea with words. Thats why photos exist. But sometimes even a picture doesnโ€™t get the job done. Thats why GIFs exist.

Things I learnt by asking questions

Two minutes before my first-ever user interview was supposed to start, my wifi died. Cue panic: me, furiously running around my house, restarting things at random and shouting at everyone. I’ve been working on a […]

Themes are Mission Control

When we think of space flight, we often think of the thing that gets us there: the shuttle, module or rockets that take us out of this world. However, in the early days of space […]

Keeping product assumptions in check

Assumptions can be difficult to overcome. Many times we don’t even realize we’re making them. As an experienced product designer, I find it easier to make these assumptions. They more easily creep into my work […]

Running remote design sprints

I lead a team of designers who work on and other products. Last year, my team ran our first design sprint together in-person at a team meetup. It was a great way to kick […]

Be kind, rewind

Weโ€™ve all been thereโ€”from time to time a site becomes inaccessible, goes blank, or stops working altogether. This can be caused by many factors: the dreaded hacker, an unreliable host, a less-than-legit plugin, or a […]

What you learn in the deep end

Nearly 2 years ago, I took over as the team lead of the team I had joined when I started working at what was then WooThemes. That, in and of itself might seem to have […]

Up the hill Backwards

I wrote in June about my early experience leading a remote team and the experimental tool I borrowed from behavioral economics to help foster the growth of my teammates. The โ€˜toolโ€™ is a set of […]