Designing Login for the WordPress apps

Earlier this year, a project squad in our mobile division set out to work on a surprisingly tricky task: creating a simple login flow for our mobile apps that works with any WordPress site. Why […]

Time in design

While pondering a topic for this post I habitually glance down at my wristwatch and decide that it might be a suitable inspiration. I rapidly mind-map a potential overlap between horology and software design / […]

Receiving the Baton

Not every project you join at the start. I recently was passed the baton to become the new design lead of the WordPress editor focus. The current lead, Joen Asmussen is taking some time off […]

Imperfection, Perfection

(Listen to some Reggae music while reading) 🙇🏽‍♀️ Uh oh. I made a design that’s far from perfect or trendy. That seems like a big confession to make! But I did. How many times do you hear […]

Recruiting participants for remote user tests

I recently attended my first remote design sprint at Automattic. It ran over a two week period and  was attended by fellow designers, developers, data scientists, happiness engineers, and marketers. Together we created two prototypes […]

Automattic IRL

Automattic is a digital company, with digital products. We don’t get to hold the things we make in our hands, instead we interact with them through computers and mobile devices. Even our interactions with the […]

From No Code to Pro Code

I’m lucky that Automattic sponsors my time to work on the core WordPress software full-time. This allows me the time and focus to take on more leadership responsibilities in the community, including my current role […]

WordPress as a Classic Diesel Engine

In 2015 I set out to buy a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins diesel engine. I could probably get a used 2014 or 2013 model for a great deal, so why would I […]

Remote Workshopping: Facilitating a KJ Technique, Fully Remote

As a designer working in a fully remote team, I often get the question on how certain common design activities happen in remote environment. In some cases, the answer is to just reframe the problem […]