To-do list: Website

This is my 4th year spent in the world of small businesses. I just spent 2 years at Automattic, promoting as the #1 website builder for small businesses. Before that, I worked at a […]

Another task in a long list of many

Websites are important to me. Not only because they’re how I make a living — though that’s a major factor! But they’re also an invaluable tool for me when I’m faced with tackling the unknown. […]

Research ain’t clickbait

The purpose isn’t to shock and awe you. You may even guess what will happen next. Or at least, you won’t be surprised. This is okay! It doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. […]

Business memories

Before my role in Automattic I for a time ran my own business. I’d fallen into it through good connections and chance. Following my passion was scary but it lead me to some incredible spaces […]

But building a website is fun, right?

Tinkering on websites has been a thing for me since the late ‘90s. The first site I made was an Angelfire powered, unsanctioned site for the local ski hill. (Corel draw, java applets, and embedded […]

You have a site, now what?

I’ve run a few businesses in the past, and can tell you from first hand experience, it is no joke. I ran a physical products business using WordPress, and WooCommerce. I went from focusing on […]

The challenge of deeply understanding our customers

As designers we often do research or get research insights by a specialized team. This research work is always impactful and can lead to smaller and large changes. Over the years, I realized that one […]

How do you scale 100X?

When I read about businesses and startups, scaling or growing a business are hot buzzwords. People often ask questions like, “How do you scale your business 5X…10X…or even 100X?” Everyone seems to be obsessed with […]

Retired with a business

Not too long ago, my coworkers produced a report to help understand small business owners. It’s filled with solid insights that will challenge your ideas on who small business owners are and where their priorities lie. […]