Code play

I challenge you to go write some playful code right this very minute. Especially if you don’t know how to code. Stop reading this article and go find a playground to explore and some documentation […]

Fixing the theme customization experience

Have you ever used Instagram? If you did, you’re probably familiar with the filters it offers, that let you change the look and feel of a photo instantly. It’s very easy and satisfying – just […]

Navigating Impostor Syndrome as a Newbie Designer

Being a designer at Automattic is pretty great. We have some of the best designers in the world building things that help millions of people build and publish on the web. It’s inspiring to work alongside […]

Where Illustration and Themes Meet

As an illustrator, one of the reasons I started working with WordPress themes was the need for a portfolio website that reflected my style — whimsical, colorful, and a bit cute. Themes in this genre were sparse […]

Dear Junior Designer

In the US, summer is coming to an end, the weather is getting cooler and college students are heading back to school. I always get a bit nostalgic around this time of year, reflecting back […]

Artboard bounds

Every medium has it’s tools and every tool has it’s quirks. Like us though, it’s those quirks that either form strong attractions, mild apathy, or even sometimes loathing towards the… tool itself. Once you find […]

The Six Universal Experiences

During a Woo design meetup in Lisbon, we spent some time diving into some of our product experiences on WooCommerce (and a bit of Jetpack😉) . Before we dove in, Todd Wilkens (Head of WooCommerce) […]

What Problem Are We Solving?

There is no such thing as Good Design. Sure, there’s design that you personally like, which is nice. And there’s good default practices that can help you get started. But over the course of my […]

Lessons from Hong Kong

I grew up in Hong Kong and have since moved to America during my last year of high school. After spending half of my life in America, I’ve realized it has made me very US-centric […]