Artboard bounds

Every medium has it’s tools and every tool has it’s quirks. Like us though, it’s those quirks that either form strong attractions, mild apathy, or even sometimes loathing towards the… tool itself. Once you find […]

The Six Universal Experiences

During a Woo design meetup in Lisbon, we spent some time diving into some of our product experiences on WooCommerce (and a bit of Jetpack😉) . Before we dove in, Todd Wilkens (Head of WooCommerce) […]

What Problem Are We Solving?

There is no such thing as Good Design. Sure, there’s design that you personally like, which is nice. And there’s good default practices that can help you get started. But over the course of my […]

Lessons from Hong Kong

I grew up in Hong Kong and have since moved to America during my last year of high school. After spending half of my life in America, I’ve realized it has made me very US-centric […]

Exclusion by generalization

How often do designers struggle when presented with a new user interface? It may take us a few moments to read it, but because our cognitive muscle is so developed for these tasks it takes […]

All together now

The WooCommerce design team is five people strong. At any given time, we have at least that many projects in development. As you may guess, this means that all designers aren’t working together on a […]



Improving Maintenance Workflow

For as long as I’ve been a part of a WordPress-centric company, I’ve had to maintain a large catalogue of products. Keeping track of bugs to fix and enhancements to build has been a challenge, […]

That nice and quick little feature

It’s inevitable that sometime in the lifespan of a software project, features that do not necessarily fit the overall goal will find their way into the code base. In a world of online communities and […]