Food for designers

The title of this post is literal and talks about food for designers – or anyone who requires brain power, sitting or standing at a desk, while staring at a computer screen. I hear you: […]

Crossing the digital divide

Taxiing home after my first Automattic Grand Meetup in Whistler, I was happy to get to know my driver Mohamed. He has been running his family business for over 20 years and also drives a […]

Computer, do my design work.

Imagine you step into your car for your morning commute, then the car starts driving itself. You realize you need to make a stop at the cell phone store, so you tell your car. You […]

I will never stop learning

Last week, everyone at Automattic got together for our “Grand Meetup.” This is the only occasion each year that all 600+ of us are together in one place. With such a large group, there are […]

Node-RED + WordPress = Magic

We have just returned home from the Grand Meetup, the yearly Automattic get together. For one week the entire company descends on a single location and this year it was Whistler in British Colombia, Canada. […]

Part 2: To be a design-led company

Learn about Automattic’s journey to become a design-led company and the importance of embedding design across the entire business.

Blogging Is Hard / We're All Imposters!

It’s probably pretty safe to say that most of us participate actively on a variety of social media applications (probably more often than we should). Additionally, many of us went through high school and likely […]

Organization Experiments in Progress

When I started my career in technology I thought the best thing ever was the ability to make things work, so I started learning multiple programming language and building things. I then realized people using […]

Intentando abrazar mis diferencias culturales

  Would you like to read this post in English? Google Translate does a pretty good job translating it! En los últimos meses he estado pensando mucho en cómo podría utilizar mejor mi trasfondo cultural a […]